Based on the Herts/Beds border, Tilly’s Boarding Cattery offers the best boarding experience for your cat with plenty of cuddles, space and comfort; centrally heated chalets, individual safety runs and more

Tilly's Boarding Cattery offers your cat the safest holiday experience

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      I wouldn't send my cat Eric anywhere else but Tilly's cattery. It is truly a holiday home for cats with everything a cat could need. It's not just the private room, central heating, all the food and toys Eric could wish for, but the care and love that Sue and Allan give him when he's there. That's what makes Tilly's special. Shaun, Hitchin

      Holidays are about relaxation and when we leave our beloved Burmese, Rudi and Missy, with Sue and Alan we are confident that they will be looked after and cared for – with space to stretch their legs and different places to sit and watch what’s going on. They only have indoor coats but we know they will be warm enough. They get very upset if confronted by another cat, but the well-considered layout and design of the cat houses means this is not an issue. It is reassuring to know that if there was a sibling spat they can be kept together without being able to do each other any real harm whilst they settle back down. If you speak to Sue her interest in and understanding of cats and their varying personalities and natures means that you know that your cat’s personal needs will be taken into account. The real testimony however is that the cats themselves are happy and confident when they see Sue and Alan – and that’s a certain indication that they are being treated well. Jane, West London

      Sue was very welcoming and reassured this panicky cat owner. I was anxious about putting my furry friends in a cattery but I felt secure in the knowledge that Oscar and Tilly would be safe and cared for by Sue while I was away over the Xmas holidays. She even cooked a chicken for her furry guests on Xmas day. I thought that was lovely and I am sure my Oscar and Tilly appreciated that! Ruth, Watford

      My rescue Burmese suffers with food allergies and can be quite temperamental when taken to the cattery, Tilly's have ensured she is fed the correct food, given medication when required and had the attention she needs to get her over the stress of being away from home. Having specialist knowledge of the Burmese breed I feel is a distinct advantage and I have always been given fantastic advice when I've asked. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Tilly's to anyone who is looking for a secure, caring and clean home away from home for their cat. Rebecca, Beds

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      Tilly's Cattery always provides individual, secure and personal care. I go on holiday confident that Sue and Alan will go the 'extra mile' when looking after my cat. Roberta, Letchworth

      Alfie and Archie have been staying regularly at Tilly's Cattery for nearly five years. They have had some behavioural problems in the past and Alan and Sue have been very supportive and given us lots of great advice on how to overcome those problems. It's fair to say that Alfie and Archie would not be together today if it wasn't for Alan and Sue.

      They provide a very unique and calming environment for the cats that stay with them and the pens are always clean with plenty of room for the cats to run around and play. Our cats always settle in very quickly and come back looking happy and healthy. It's obvious that Alan and Sue really care for the cats that stay with them and we would never consider leaving our cats with any other cattery. We highly recommend Tilly's cattery. Tony and Teresa Alder, Reading

      We housed Brutus with Sue and Alan at Tilly's for about nine years and he had the best of care and attention. The cattery was clean and well maintained and when Brutus was ill at his last stay there, Sue went over and above the call of duty to ensure that he was comfortable. We thoroughly recommend Tilly's for boarding and the best in personal supervision. Ann & John, London N6

      We’ve been boarding our cats with Sue and Alan for many years. They bring not only their expertise as cat breeders but also great affection and excellent facilities to their feline charges.

      We consider our cats part of the family and feel very confident entrusting them to their care. We would thoroughly recommend Tilly’s cattery to other owners. Clare and Douglas, London N19

      My 2 boys are 'regulars' at Tilly's Boarding Cattery, they arrive happy & come home as if they've not been away - it is such a reassurance to know they are safe, secure & well cared for when I cannot be at home with them. Frankie, North Herts

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      Sam and Tansy are 17 years old and have been to stay with Sue and Alan for many years. We leave them there with total confidence that they will be well cared for and will receive their medication. I cannot imagine taking them anywhere else. Jacqueline & Doug, North herts

      I first met Sue & Alan when I acquired a Siamese cat through the Burmese Cat Club rehoming programme. Since then I have acquired 3 more cats from Sue. I have always boarded my cats with Sue and have found the care provided excellent. Some of my cats have had health problems and I have always been confident that Sue will care for them appropriately, if necessary with the support of a local vet. Mary, North Herts

      I was so impressed with Sue and Alan's commitment and knowledge, that I used to drive my three cats all the way from southeast London, and later Brighton, to Bedfordshire. One of my elderly Burmese needed medication and I could relax on holiday knowing that she would administer it properly - unlike previous catteries I have used. My second Burmese has had cancer and so I am very particular about who cares for them.

      Sue is also very good-natured and understanding about calls for texts from abroad to check up on my critters. I was also very appreciative of small details such as taking my crotchety female cat in to visit my two boys every day. The garden layout is very nice with the runs facing out to some very entertaining hens. It is always a wrench to leave my critters and, as they get older, I worry more. But I have complete confidence in Sue and would heartily recommend her. Amanda, Brighton

      For years we always had sitters in our home for our 2 cats (our babies), but since we have put them in Tilly’s Cattery we come back from holiday to 2 happier more relaxed pets. They have heated beds and are kept totally safe with excellent standards of hygiene, and they are loved and played with. Leaving your cats while you are away is always hard, but I know there is nowhere better we could send them. I would highly recommend Tilly’s to anyone. Ann, East Herts