Cattery boarding at Tillys Boarding Cattery in Bedfordshire


Tillys' Boarding Cattery offers luxury accomodation for your cat, with plenty of room to sleep and play, good food and free toys

The following Terms & Conditions constitute an agreement between you and Tilly's Boarding Cattery.

  • All cats must have been fully vaccinated against Feline Infectious Enteritis and cat flu within the last year or in accordance with current vet/vaccine manufacturers’ recommendations; please bring your vaccination cards with you.
  • You must tell us if your cat is unwell, prior to bringing him or her in to board, so that we can discuss the problem. We reserve the right to refuse to take in a cat if we believe that boarding him or her constitutes a risk, either to them or to our other boarders.
  • Please notify us of dietary requirements/issues and existing health problems or medication at the time of booking.
  • All cats entering the cattery must have received protection against worms and fleas within the previous 28 days.
  • We reserve the right to take an animal needing treatment to our own vets where necessary. Every reasonable effort will be made to contact you before incurring anything but minor charges.
  • Boarding charges are made on a per day basis, including arrival and departure days, to allow for thorough cleaning and airing of the chalets.
  • All charges include comprehensive pet insurance, toys, bedding, heating, standard animals foods, and the administration of medicine and injections.
  • Shortened stays will be charged for on the basis of the original booking.
  • Interim payments will be required if your cat is a long term boarder. Invoices must be paid within seven days.
  • Interest may be added to outstanding invoices at 8% plus Bank of England base rate, in line with current legislation.
  • Any shortfall in payment will be due before your cat leaves the cattery.
  • Payment may be made by bank transfer or cash.If you wish to make a bank transfer we request that payment is made 5 working days before collection.
  • Please ensure that you contact us without delay if you cannot collect your cat on the agreed date; extensions to your stay will be charged at the normal rate.
  • You may be charged for your booking if you cancel within a month of the boarding date, if the slot cannot be relet. Nowadays most holiday insurance includes kennel and cattery cover.
  • Cats that remain uncollected may have to be treated as abandoned.
  • Only cats transported in appropriate pet carriers will be accepted into the cattery.