About Us | a cattery run by lifelong pet owners, breeders and behavioural experts


Tillys' Cattery is run by long-standing cat owners and breeder, with significant experience of dealing with chronic health and behavioural problems

Tilly’s Boarding Cattery is run by me, Sue, and my husband Alan, and is licensed with five stars by Central Bedfordshire Council.

I have behavioural training and extensive experience of handling cats in many different situations; I have 39 years’ hobby breeding experience, and show Siamese and Burmese kittens and cats. I am a judge of Burmese at GCCF shows around the country.

I spent 16 years as a regularly re-elected advisor for a breed charity, taking in and assessing rescue cats for rehoming and behavioural retraining, addressing health and behavioural issues, home visiting potential owners, and rehoming as appropriate. I was also responsible for advising owners and breeders on welfare, health and behavioural issues. I offer behavioural, rescue and rehoming services for Burmese, Siamese and related breeds and a safe house for several breed clubs. We have provided a loving home to cats, dogs, small animals, fish and all sorts of birds for more than 40 years.

We believe cats need room to play and the opportunity for a change of scenery within their living quarters. While it seems an odd term, we think catteries should aspire to be cat hotels. Our cat boarding facilities are among the best equipped and offer the safest possible place to leave your cat when on holiday.

Tilly's Boarding Cattery - safe cat boarding on the Herts/Beds border

Tilly's Boarding Cattery - luxury boarding cattery

Tilly's Boarding Cattery - luxury cat boarding