A quick glance at Tilly's Boarding Cattery's facilities.

  • Facilities

      A quick glance at Tilly's Boarding Cattery's facilities. Our standard chalets can accommodate up to 4 cats from the same household, and we also have chalets which can accommodate 6. They were carefully designed to provide comfort while minimising stress and cross-infection. All surfaces, areas, litter trays, scratching posts, bedding etc are easily washed and disinfected.

      • Full height standard chalet with a sleeping area footprint of 25 square feet, plus individual covered play run and safety run
      • Large family chalets, 8' x 6' plus covered 48 square feet play area, and integral safety run
      • Toys on arrival
      • Full width 2 ft deep sleeping shelf and a further corner shelf in the chalet, with a chair for cuddles and extra interest
      • Thermostatically controlled central heating delivered via tubular heaters; we heat above the CIEH 10o requirement
      • Warm and comfortable luxury bedding as standard, heat pad available if required at no extra charge
      • Safety sockets for heat pad, radio etc
      • Strip lighting in chalet (sleeping area) and a bulkhead light in the play run
      • At least two wired, opening windows for fresh air and sunshine (when available!)
      • Lockable cat flap into covered 32 square foot play run with two shelves, a ladder and a scratching post
      • Individual covered safety runs. Runs are covered with sunlight-filtering polycarbonate
      • Medication given at no extra charge
      • Comprehensive insurance cover at no extra charge
  • More Detail

      All of our cat boarding chalets are large enough to house at least 4 cats from the same household; our largest boarding chalet accommodates 6 cats. Not only does this mean that if you’d like to board multiple cats, they won’t be separated and will still have company, but even individual cats will have lots of room to run around and play. Each individual cat chalet is full height and has been carefully designed with cats of all ages and states of health in mind. All surfaces within the chalet are impermeable to allow thorough cleaning and disinfecting. The cat chalets are arranged so that no two runs adjoin each other, to minimise stress, and there are no shared areas so the risk of cross-infection is negligible. Each chalet is cleaned using its own disposable cleaning materials. There is a full-height semi-opaque barrier between the run of each chalet and the safety run of the next.

      On arrival, your cats are supplied with luxury bedding and toys. Treats are available as standard. Our dry food mix comprises a range of premium and good quality brands and flavours and we are happy to feed your cat the range of standard diet (wet and/or dry) that he or she is used to. Prescription or specially ordered diets should be brought with you.

      Thermostatically-controlled central heating means the ambient temperature in each cat chalet can be adjusted to suit its occupants, and the heat is evenly distributed throughout the entire chalet. Nonetheless, heat pads are available if required and you can bring your cat’s favourite toys or bed with you. We can accommodate your plug-in such as Feliway if you want to bring one, and your cat can have a radio for company at no extra charge.

      What’s more, if you are boarding two cats together who aren’t getting on, or who react badly to being away from home, we can separate them within the same cat chalet so that they can acclimatise to their surroundings without being parted entirely. It’s a safe environment for them to settle and become friends again.

      In the same way, if you would like to board a cat which is carrying an injury, we can contain them safely without restricting them to the cramped living conditions which can be found in some catteries.

      See our Extra Services for microchipping and more!

  • Extra Services

      We are happy to provide those essential cuddles, clip your cat's claws, administer medicine - including injections - and maintain appearances at no charge whilst he or she is staying with us. More time-intensive services will incur an extra charge.

      Microchipping: I am a fully trained and qualified microchip implanter and can microchip your cats whilst they are staying with us. Cats, dogs and rabbits may also be brought in for microchipping by appointment. I can visit you at home to microchip your animals; please contact me for prices as they are dependent on your location.

      Remedial Grooming: Grooming a cat with a neglected coat can be very time- and labour-intensive. Please speak to me when you bring your cat in to board, to discuss costs.

      Diabetic Cats: I have extensive experience with diabetic cats. If you're concerned about your diabetic cat, I can run a 12-hour glucose curve and, if necessary, speak with your vet to discuss the result and any necessary changes in insulin dosage.

      Injuries: We are able to care for injured cats if 'cage rest' has been prescribed. This won't necessarily incur any extra charge but depends on the injury and whether any other special care is required.

      The Elderly Cat: We have many years' experience with elderly cats and our thermostatically controlled central heating means we can maintain a suitable temperature throughout the chalet, and provide a heat pad if necessary. Food and bedding can be arranged at floor level, and our impervious surfaces mean any accidents can be cleaned up quickly and hygienically.